• The Mind Of Mikendo pt1

    The Mind Of Mikendo pt1

    The weather’s been way too sucky here in Melbourne, so we headed west for some sunshine, skating & all round good times. We had to bring our Yankee buddy with us to show off our sunburnt country because Perth is so beautiful. So here he is, the Filmbot himself, MIKENDO!

    Clips coming soon

    Clips coming soon

    Stay tuned for the goods coming out of the Agenci Studio Park

    Greed Coins

    Greed Coins

    MONEYMONEYMONEY. A remix of all things evil. This is the extended cut of a video created for Zonk Vision’s BRAINZTAINS EXHIBITION. They are selling the whole gallery on DVD now i believe, get some!

    The making of a Light Session

    The making of a Light Session- Tron Premiere – ENESS

    The making of a ground breaking new skateboard ramp installation by ENESS. Created for the Premiere of Tron Legacy in Melbourne, Australia.

    Our custom built software allows us to 3d map the ramp and track the skateboards in real-time. Each rider is equipped with an iPod Touch to measure air time and trigger effects, IR Lights and camera is used to track the skater’s position.

    Enjoy the making.

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