• The City of Light Tour- Episode 2

    The City of Light Tour- Episode 2

    The City of Light Tour- Episode 2

    adidas Skateboarding and Mountain Dew Present:
    The City of Light Tour
    Perth, Western Australia
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    Episode 2
    The boys arrive in Perth and move into the mansion. After getting settled in they start to take care of business, starting with the infamous Woolstores ledges.

    Featuring Kurt Winter, Jack Crook, Tom Snape, Pedro Day, James Wright, Adam Dawes, Joel Mcilroy, George Simmonds, Gus Faithfull, and Seve Von Ow. This 11 episode feature brings you along for the ride when 10 skateboarders, 4 filmers, and a photographer rent a mansion in Perth (nick-named the ‘City of Light’ and one of the world’s most isolated cities) to get as much skateboarding done as possible in 10 days.

    Directed & edited by Andrew Dorn
    Filmed by Leigh Bolton, Mikendo, Andrew Dorn, Chris McLean.

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